Business Development
Management teams & staff can be shown common sense approaches & new ways of thinking to enable them to turn their educational knowledge into operational wisdom; sales teams can be show simple three step plans to help achieve their targets without becoming pushy & overbearing sales persons, without the need to go on costly, lengthy & at times ridiculously outdated & ineffective seminars & fire walking weekends.

Because we are not tied down with the day to day running of the company or franticly tapping at calculators we are able to give a more concise & dispassionate overview of the internal & external workings enabling us to review, overhaul & refurbish the whole operation where required.

We are not for everybody... because you will have to be open to the fact that none of us is as smart as all of us, no one can know everything & most importantly.

Charles Darwin summed it up perfectly when he stated...
“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

For Things To Change... We Have To Change...

Business Development adds those final finishing touches & refinements to the existing management procedures & policies to help take a good company & turn it into a great one, to go from run of the mill to exceptional or to assist a flagging company in becoming a success.

We See Things Differently so we can show you ways of Doing Things Differently.

You could liken us to the lost or missing pieces of the jigsaw that completes the puzzle and makes the picture whole or the PS at the end of the letter that adds the final thoughts.

By implementing simple old fashion values of quality, service & attention to detail with a mix of Philosophy, Psychology, cutting edge techniques such NLP* plus basic common sense we are able to analyse your operation & its staff in a completely new way to help highlight the strengths & diminish the weaknesses that can exist in any operation.

Why Philosophy & Psychology?... don’t worry we are not going to regress them back to their childhood, it’s more about using those skills to achieve the correct working attitude & approach as we believe that...   It’s not about the money we make; it’s about the person we become in making that money...

 * Negro-Linguistic Programming

We See Things Differently

In training your staff to be more than they already are, the values you seek both financially & personally will automatically come along for the ride once you've unlocked the hidden treasures of your business and its staff.
We all have the same marketplace, your income is directly related to your personal & business philosophy not the economy. If you become more valuable to the marketplace, you WILL become more valuable to yourself & your company...  it's that simple.
Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication
Leonardo da Vinci
The Power Of Words & The Power Of The Mind

Sometimes as owners or managers we are so close to an operation not only can we not see the big picture but even the details & goals become unclear & a little distant. We can appraise your operation & advise where things can be cutback to reduce your losses whilst further increasing your profits & creative new services & opportunities for increased revenue recognise including suggesting missing services & opportunities, company or site makeover, and staff training right down to finer details such as logo & signage design.

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